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How to Make Your Property Pet-Friendly (to Attract More Renters)

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Over half (60%) of Canadian households report owning at least one cat or dog. And by the end of 2023, more than a million Canadians are expected to add a pet to their household


For property owners with pet-friendly properties (or willing to make their properties pet-friendly), this presents a huge opportunity. 


Read below how to capitalize on this opportunity.


5 ways to make your property more pet-friendly


1. Remove, block, and hide hazardous items 

One of the first things pet owners look at when considering a home is safety. 


Left home alone, do they have to worry about their pets hurting themselves? Specifically, are there things in or around the property that might be dangerous to their pets?


These might include:

  • Holes in the ground
  • Steep drop-offs
  • Open wiring or electrical
  • Unguarded balconies
  • Insecure entryways 


Think through a similar lens as baby proofing (though not quite to the same extreme): inspect your property to see where you can make it safer for dogs, cats, and other pets.


You may also want to recommend to or require your renters to get renters insurance to help with this.


2. Prioritize hard surfaces over carpets

The second a pet owner steps into your apartment and sees carpet, they’ll be flooded with images of the cleaning they’ll have to do down the road. Not to mention the potential for odour, insects carried in from outside, and stains. 


In this sense, carpet can be off-putting to prospective renters with pets. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl, concrete, or tile are better options, as they’re more resistant to the problems described above. 


If carpet is unavoidable, low pile is easier to clean and less likely to hold odours. It’s also a good idea to avoid continuous loop carpet, as it can be easily unraveled by normal pet wear and tear. 


3. Make your layout conducive to owning a pet

Enough square footage doesn’t necessarily mean your property is ready for a pet; a pet-friendly home also has a layout conducive to things like play, cleaning after a walk, and resting.


Is there a proper space at your entrances for a pet owner to clean or wipe the paws of their muddy fur ball? Late at night when they get the zoomies, do they have a clear runway? If you have an outdoor space connected to your property, is there an option for a doggy door?


4. Use washable, pet-friendly fabrics

Another way to reduce mess and damage caused by pets is with pet-friendly fabrics. 


With fabrics that can endure fur, scratching, saliva, and bathroom accidents, you significantly reduce the chances of having to replace furniture damaged by regular pet use. 


Crypton, leather (or pleather), and Ultrasuede are all good options. Darker colours and busier patterns will also help mask minor marks.


Removable, washable covers can also be a saving grace. Even if your furniture itself isn’t pet-friendly, pet-friendly covers can be another, more affordable option. 


5. Invest in self-cleaning technology

Investing in anything that helps make pet owners’ lives easier will lend to them choosing your property over other options.


One example of this is self-cleaning technology, such as a Roomba or another kind of automated vacuum. These vacuums operate on a schedule and keep floors clean without pet owners having to lift a finger. 


They just have to schedule when they want the vacuum to start (perhaps during a walk or some other time when their pet isn’t home, in case it frightens them), and voila: they can enjoy a fur-free home, hassle-free.


Perks like this can also be a work around for carpeted areas of your home; rather than invest in tearing them up and making them more pet-friendly with hard surfaces, you can spend much less money on a vacuum and enjoy a similar level of cleanliness. 


Other workarounds are giving your renters discounts to local pet groomers to encourage regular cleaning or offering a monthly cleaning service.


Pet-friendly home FAQs


How can I make my bedroom pet-friendly?

To make a bedroom pet-friendly, consider installing a hard surface floor to avoid scratches, using a darker paint colour on your walls to minimize scuffs, and hiding wires, sharp corners, and any other components that might injure a pet.


How do I dog-proof my apartment?

To dog-proof your apartment, make sure your balcony and windows are securely enclosed or have protective barriers, hide cords and wires, and create enough space for play and general movement. 


How do I dog-proof my backyard?

To dog-proof your backyard or outdoor space, ensure all vegetation is dog-safe (in case your dog eats it), remove any dangerous tools or fixtures, close all gates and openings, secure garbage bins (if garbage is in your backyard), and close off swimming pool access.


Need help listing your pet-friendly property?

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