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10 Affordable Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

by Rhenti on


 By itself, your property’s outdoor space is valuable. But putting effort into making it something more—even just a little bit—can boost not just the value of your property, but also the lives of your renters. 

This means happier, longer-term tenants. It also means an easier time attracting tenants to your property in the first place, as livable outdoor space is one of the most sought-after features by renters.

Consider the ideas below for help making the most of your outdoor space.

10 ways to make the most of your balcony, porch, or yard

1. Create a plan

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, take time to see which area best suits which activity. For example, where does most of the sunlight go? That area could be suitable for a garden (or garden box if you’re on a balcony). Or if there’s an area of your yard with minimal greenery around, that might be a good place to put a firepit. 


Think like an architect: have a plan before starting to make any changes and the final product will look better, feel more cohesive, and ultimately be more useful to those using the space.  


2. Add seating

As simple as it seems, adding ample seating to your outdoor space changes it from something you walk through or look at to something you can spend time in and enjoy. Seating is also an easy way to bring some consistency and colour to an otherwise bare space. 


A seating set can feel like a bonus to your renters too, especially if they need to buy everything else for their place. 


3. Set up your space to be social

The more you can do to help potential renters envision living in your space during a viewing, the better your chances will be of them signing on the dotted line. 


Similar to having seating in your outdoor space, tables, speakers, and other social-friendly additions help people envision future gatherings at your place, a seemingly small detail that can go a long way in getting people to choose your space. 



Turning a balcony into a cozy social spot can be as simple as adding a table and some chairs.


4. Add lighting

You might have the comfiest furniture and most accommodating layout, but if people can’t see anything at night, your outdoor space isn’t really usable. Other than helping people see in general, the right lighting also controls how people see your space. 


For example, pot lights to guide where people walk; lights around your garden to accentuate your plants; lights around the perimeter to add a venue-like quality; a lantern on a table to invite late-night chats; the list goes on. 


5. Add heating

A big reason why winters can be so hard on people is because the cold forces us inside. With a heating station installed outside, however, you allow people to enjoy the indoors all year round, saving them from feeling cooped up. 


These heating systems can be as elaborate as what you would find on a restaurant patio, or as simple as a single heater hanging from your balcony roof; whichever suits your space and budget best. 


6. Add shaded areas

Whereas you want to keep people warm during the winter months, you also want to keep them cool during the hotter summer months. An outdoor space unshaded from the sun can keep people away; what people need is at least the option for some shade.


Incorporating a gazebo, movable umbrella, some tree coverage, or anything else that provides shade instantly opens up your space to more use and makes it more attractive to renters


7. Avoid overfilling

More is not always better, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. Adding too many things can make your space seem cramped, not to mention it can make it harder for renters to envision how they’ll add their own style. 


We again return to the importance of planning your space before making any changes. How do you see renters likely using your outdoor space and which area is best suited for which use? Once you know this—once you know the “stations” you need to build—you can look at which items you need to bring these stations to life; adding anything more may start to encroach on cramping. 


8. Add a garden

If you have the sunlight to make a garden work, they’re a very easy addition that can instantly put you in the good books of renters. Gardens help make your space look nicer and give your renters the freedom to grow their own food (not to mention pick up a very rewarding, peaceful hobby). 


Creating a garden in a traditional grass yard is as simple as digging out a space where there’s sun exposure and planting your seeds. If you have less green space and more concrete space, a planter box might be a better option; for balconies or porches, hanging planter boxes or clay pots.


9. Regularly maintain your space

Picture someone driving by two places with “For Rent” signs out front: one place has overgrown grass, untrimmed hedges, and unplucked weeds, and the other a perfectly kept front yard. Which one do you think the person will pick up the phone and inquire about?


The second one, of course! Whether you’re able to maintain your outdoor space yourself, or you need to hire a property manager, regular maintenance is one of the easiest ways to keep your property looking good and attractive to potential renters. 


10. Make it easy for renters to envision their style

It’s tough to imagine how to add to an abstract sculpture on a porch—but it is easy to imagine how to add to an open, dedicated space on a porch; it’s hard to imagine how to build around an existing volleyball court in a yard—but it is easy to imagine the possibilities of a large, activity-friendly space.


Rather than fill your outdoor space with personality yourself, aim to set it up in a way that lets potential renters imagine all the ways they can add their own personality. An easier way to think about it: don’t provide the painting, provide the frame. 


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