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Never lose a lead with Rhenti’s new AI-powered feature – LEASA.

by Rhenti on


Rhenti, the leading marketing automation and leasing software platform in Canada, is excited to announce the release of its newest feature – LEASA. Leasa is a ground-breaking AI-powered chat feature designed to help property managers and owners save time and keep renters engaged by increasing responsiveness to listing inquiries.


Typically, good renter leads are lost because property managers and owners are unable to respond to renter inquiries fast enough. What’s worse is that over 90% of initial renter inquiries are fixated on the information already detailed in public-facing listing. LEASA uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology (AI) to analyze renter inquiries and provide accurate and relevant responses while responding in a natural human-like tone.


The algorithm is trained to understand natural language and can quickly identify the intent of renter inquiries. It then generates a response based on information that is already available (either from the unit listing or the wider internet) and is tailored to the renter’s specific inquiry. With LEASA, renters can get the information they need quickly, increasing their likelihood of moving to the next step in the leasing process – booking a viewing.



Rhenti’s LEASA acts as your personal leasing assistant by quickly responding to renter inquiries, helping to keep them engaged. Contact our team to learn more.



Rhenti's LEASA is the latest addition to the platform's growing suite of innovative tools designed to make managing rental properties easier and more efficient. With LEASA, property managers and owners can save time by increasing their responsiveness to renter inquiries, and ultimately improve their bottom line.


If you're a property manager or owner looking to level-up your rental operations and provide renters with a top-notch experience, reach out to our team to learn more about LEASA at: