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Rhenti: Leveling Up Enterprise Professionals

by Rhenti on

What is Rhenti?

Rhenti is a powerful platform designed to help leasing professionals streamline their leasing operations.

Our industry-leading software has helped thousands of leasing professionals in Canada find and sign quality tenants quickly, automating the parts of the process that are redundant and admin-heavy. 

From lead-to-lease, our automation tools cut down workloads by up to 600%.


How does Rhenti manage to do that?

Rhenti refines every step of the leasing process including:

  • Marketing your property
  • Communicating with potential tenants
  • Digital applications and screenings
  • Booking viewings
  • Signing digital leases
  • Collecting deposits

Here's a list of our automated tools:

Price Right

Rhenti helps you set the right price for your rental and prompts you to update your listing price based on renter behaviours.

Marketing Automation

Rhenti generates greater renter awareness by pushing your listing to all the top ILS and social sites in Canada. We even have an add-on for MLS + MLS affiliate sites. If you want more eyes on your listing, Rhenti is the best place to advertising your rental property.

Rhenti Chat

We track and action all of your renter conversations and viewing bookings in one simple centralized hub to help you stay organized.

Phone Integration

Generate virtual numbers to track ILS, social, out-of-home, and website phone leads, and to route calls to the appropriate leasing team members.

CRM/Lead Hub

Manage all of your renter leads and their details in one organized place.

Smart Viewings

Automate bookings, manage all viewings in one place, and leverage smart notifications to minimize ‘no-shows’.

Applications and Renter Screening

Receive comprehensive renter profiles and application information, including tenant credit checks and reference information to help you make the right renter decision.

Digital Leases

Rhenti provides you with the proper lease agreement in a digital format so that you and your renter can sign from where you are - on your laptop or phone.

Deposit Settlements

Collect (or refund) deposits for your rental in real-time via debit or credit card to secure applicants quickly, and trim down related overhead.


Why Rhenti creates a great first impression with potential renters:

Separate yourself from other leasing professionals with a digital-first experience customized for your enterprise. Most of today's renters are 25-35 years old and are well-versed in easy and thoughtful digital experiences. If you give them the type of experience they are used to operating in, you’re likely to fill any vacancies faster.


How is Rhenti beneficial to renters?

  • We give renters transparency on any competing applications for a listing.
  •  Our platform prompts leasing professionals to take action, reducing the time to get the lease signed.
  • Rhenti's best-in-class UI/UX.
  • Fully digital from first touchpoint to deposit: Communications are quick and streamlined, reducing the number of in-person interactions.
  • We enable in-person interactions to be more conversational and less administrative.
  • By empowering prospects in a self-serve manner, we enable more conversions—renters don't need to wait to get a paper application or wait for a response to book a viewing.
  • The renter can do the things they need in real-time (e.g. fill in the application, credit checks, and rent deposits) without input from your leasing team.

Get started with Rhenti today

Rhenti Enterprise is built for larger real estate companies that require comprehensive solutions for their rental properties. Reach out to our team to see how Rhenti will work for your portfolio.

We offer:

  • Custom white-label solutions
  • Comprehensive renter CRM
  • Tailored marketing emails
  • Priority support

Book a demo or chat with a member of our team today.



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