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Toronto tops the list of most popular cities to rent in

by Rhenti on

According to a recent study conducted by Duuo, an insurance company for tenants, despite being the most popular in terms of rental searches, Toronto still isn’t the most expensive Canadian city to rent in – that title went to Vancouver.



The study looked at the top 20 most expensive Canadian cities to rent in based on Zumper’s Canadian Rental Report.

Popularity was measured based on two items:

  1. Which cities were most searched for in conjunction with terms like ​​”apartments for rent”

  2. The number of hashtags attached to each city on Instagram



Toronto came in 2nd for the most expensive city to rent in, but what’s interesting about this study is that as you move further down the list being popular correlated less and less with rental prices.

Toronto rentals


What does this mean for property owners?

Even as cities open up, the return to the office hasn’t gone as smoothly as employers have expected. With people continuing to work from home, they have increased flexibility in terms of where they live. Even with hybrid working models, people may be willing to commute longer distances 1-3 days a week for cheaper rental prices.

This means a property located outside Canada’s major hubs may have increased appeal for potential renters. 

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  • Review detailed renter applications, including credit check, employment documents, and references.

  • Generate customizable digital lease agreements and close deals in no time.


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