Why Fall is a Great Season for Renters and Property Owners Alike

Many people enjoy autumn because of the changing colours, the cool temperatures and the ability to wear warm clothes. However, at rhenti, we love autumn because it is a fantastic season for both Renters and Property Owners.

If you are a new rental Property Owner or are a Renter who is looking for an apartment in Toronto, you most likely don’t know the nitty-gritty details of the real estate industry. Thankfully, our team does.

We’ve compiled a detailed list of exactly why fall is an opportune season for both Renters and Property Owners. If you’re a Property Owner, you can use this information to get the most out of your rental properties and if you’re a Renter, feel free to use the information to find your perfect living space today.

1 –Renters Should Find an Apartment or Condo in the Fall

At rhenti, we know that choosing the right housing fit for you can be difficult and this is particularly true in large cities like Toronto. Very few people can afford to purchase a home when the average price of a house in Toronto is close to $1 million.

This is why many people who live in Toronto tend to rent an apartment or condo; it is a cost-effective alternative and gives the individual additional freedom.

If you want to get the top pick of living spaces in Toronto, we suggest that you look for a condo or apartment in the fall. This is because it is in between summer and winter, both of which come with their fair share of negative aspects.

i) – Finding a Rental in Summer

Anyone who has tried to find a place to rent in the summer has most likely noticed that it can be an expensive time to sign a lease. This is because Property Owners know that summer is a common time for people to move which gives them to opportunity to hike up the rent.

ii) – Finding a Rental in Winter

Similarly, finding a rental space in the winter can be difficult because there are only a handful of reliable options to choose from. Although, it is noteworthy that Property Owners will often lower the rent on properties that are vacant in the winter.

This is why Renters should wait until the fall to find a new living space. Autumn offers the best of both worlds: there is a variety of quality apartments and most of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

iii) – How rhenti Can Help You as a Renter This Fall

If you want to find the perfect condo or apartment this fall, you need to team up with us at rhenti. In case you don’t know, we offer more than just tips on surviving the rental hunt in Toronto – we are a rental real estate matching company that offers a wide variety of services. By pairing up with rhenti you can:

  • Find the perfect living space with our search tool.
  • Be the first to see high-quality listings in Toronto.
  • Easily book in-person viewings.
  • Match with a Property Owner that you see eye-to-eye with.

By partnering up with our experts, you can find an amazing condo or apartment in no time at all.

2 – Fall is an Important Season for Rental Property Owners

If you own multiple condos or apartments in the Greater Toronto Area, you know that you need to keep them occupied, especially before the slow winter months (like December and January) hit the city. To do this, we suggest that you take advantage of everything that autumn has to offer.

i) – Maximize Your Return

As mentioned earlier, many rental Property Owners end up lowering the rental rates of their vacant properties in the winter. This means that when they do eventually find a Renter, they end up making less profit off of their investment.

On the other hand, if you find the right Renter in the fall, you can make a bundle off of your apartments and condos. There are lots of ways that our team of experts can help you reach a larger number of potential Renters this fall.

Firstly, we offer an unbeatable matching service that pairs you with vetted Renters. This means that you can trust every Renter that we recommend. Additionally, we can help you set the perfect price for your property, meaning that you can expect the right return from your investments.

ii) –Students Looking for Apartments and Condos

If you are new to the real estate industry, it is easy to forget that autumn brings an enormous influx of new Renters, especially in Toronto. This is due to a number of factors, one of the primary elements being the large post-secondary student population.

Every year, students from all across the world are accepted into the numerous post-secondary schools in Toronto. Although some of these students will be able to commute to school, many of them want to experience the “Toronto lifestyle” and live in the city.

Due to the cost-effective nature of renting, many of these students will be looking for apartments and condos to rent. By teaming up with rhenti, we can help you match with reliable students looking for rental properties.

We can do this by taking professional photographs of your rental properties, marketing them on popular channels like MLS and helping you schedule viewings. Not to mention, we provide you with extremely detailed profiles for all of your potential Renters. These profiles include important pieces of information like credit scores and reference checks. This means that you get to know exactly who you are renting to when you rent out your properties.

Whether you want to sign up to find a new apartment today or make more profit off of your rental properties, you need to partner up with rhenti this fall. If you’re a Renter, we can help you find your dream living space in a flash. On the other hand, if you’re a Property Owner, we can help you reach the widest audience of Renters imaginable.

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