Do You Need a Property Management Company? We Don’t Think So

In the past, people would often ask each other questions like, “should you rent or buy a property?”. Nowadays, more and more people see that the former is the better choice. Because of this, there is an influx of potential renters in major cities like Toronto.

If you own multiple rental properties in the Toronto area or have thought about renting out your condo, you already know how big of a responsibility it can be. We know that there is an endless number of tasks that need to be taken care of. From taking photos to setting up viewings to meeting with new renters to finding the best way to list your condo: the list seems to go on forever.

Property owners that have apartment complexes will hire property management companies to take care of some of these time-consuming tasks. Property owners that have small collections of condos don’t have the luxury of having a property management company at their disposal. This is why many property owners have teamed up with rhenti: to make their lives simpler, easier and more productive.

What is the difference between a property management company and a rental real estate matching company like rhenti?

What is a Property Management Company?

For those that don’t know, property management companies are third party businesses that are hired to make the life of property owners and renters easier in several ways.

Many of these property management companies will complete essential tasks that can be time-consuming or difficult. Among other things, these tasks can include picking up rental payments, cleaning and general property maintenance.

Property management companies can also help property owners and renters by acting as an objective third party during transactions, negotiations and other forms of communication. This means that they can help you by taking care of tasks like submitting applications and dealing with negligent renters.

The main downside to hiring a property management company is that they are expensive. Because of this, property management companies are only feasible if the property owner has large apartment complexes that require constant upkeep. If you only have a handful of condos or rental properties, there is a much better option.

What is rhenti and How Can it Help Me as a Property Owner?

If you are looking for personalized service that fits your needs, you can team up with our team of real estate experts. We provide unique services that can’t be found anywhere else!

At rhenti, we match good renters to quality listings by offering a bevvy of innovative services that make the renting process easier. Some of these services include professional photography, innovative marketing strategies and a thorough vetting of renters. By letting us take care of the difficult tasks, you have more time to focus on what counts: connecting with potential renters and investing in new condos.

Here at rhenti, we also offer several services that are perfect for new or inexperienced property owners. If you need assistance with pricing setting or creating quality listing content, we’ve got you covered. Because of this, our services are essential for first-time property owners who are just wrapping their heads around the tricks of the trade.

How Can rhenti Help Me as a Renter?

If you’re a renter, there’s no need to feel left out of the fun. We offer several renter-specific features as well. We’re always happy to help you find a new condo, submit an application or schedule a viewing. If you’re too busy to conduct your own research about nearby amenities or walk scores, rhenti is the perfect option for you.

Pros of Teaming Up With rhenti

At rhenti, we take pride in the quality services that we provide. Not only are they effective, but they help us stand out from our competition! Here are some of the pros of teaming up with our experts:

1 – Property Owners Can Find Like-Minded Renters

Toronto is a bustling city that is growing at an increasing pace. This means that there are more potential renters that need condos to live in. Although this may seem like a positive thing, it can be a double-edged sword for both property owners and renters.

This is because not all renters and property owners will mesh well with each other. To combat this, we perform an in-depth screening of both renters and property owners. Our screening process is unlike any other in the industry! We screen all of our potential renters by analyzing key pieces of information such as their credit score, employment history and rental history.

Additionally, we manually vet all properties before listing. Because of this, you can feel confident in all of our fantastic listings.

2 – Completely Free for Renters

Our platform provides fantastic services to renters for absolutely nothing. This means that you can spend more of your hard-earned cash on a beautiful condo in Toronto. Even if you’re on a budget, we can help you find a place to call home.

3 – One Stop Shop

Lots of property management companies offer a handful of services, but rarely (if ever) are they passionate about helping property owners and renters find the right. We are there to help you throughout every step of the rental process to find that match. From finding potential renters to signing a digital lease, we are by your side from start to finish. Property owners find this useful, as there are many rules when it comes to renting in Toronto.

Even though hiring a property management company offers numerous benefits, they are only a cost-effective option for property owners that own apartment complexes.

However, if you own a small number of condos or are looking for a condo to rent, you should consider rhenti. We help property owners make the most out of their condos.

Not to mention, we can help renters find the condo that they’ve always wanted. Check out these gorgeous Toronto listings to find your dream condo in a neighbourhood near you.

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