Here Are Some Big Advantages of Renting Rather Than Buying Property

With decades of experience in the housing market, at rhenti, we know that deciding between renting or buying a property is one of life’s most important decisions. And either option can be highly rewarding. However, if you’re between your early 20s and your mid-30s, then it could better for you to rent. Here are several reasons why:

#1 You Have More Flexibility

Unless you buy a property outright, odds are that you’re going to be tethered to your home for at least a decade until you finish paying your mortgage. On the other hand, a typical rental lease requires a commitment of only one year. There are several advantages of having this greater freedom.

With the world becoming smaller, the chances of landing a rewarding new job anywhere across the globe are higher. Similarly, the next promotion at work could require a geographical change from you. In either situation, it would be harder for you to accept a new opportunity in another city if you’re still paying off your housing debt.

Other priorities may change as well. For example, if you start a family years after signing a mortgage contract, the home may no longer meet your requirements. It may either be too small or too far from a good school. Here, you may find it difficult to break your mortgage without paying a significant penalty.

As a renter, you have flexibility in other ways too. For example, if you’ve just started your career, you can rebuild your credit faster by renting. And if you’re not ready to buy furniture, you can find a furnished home to rent.

If you’re considering renting a home, then look no further than for a place to live. There are many benefits to using our platform:

  • Excellent User Interface (UI) – We don’t mean to brag, but of the many online property marketplaces, our UI looks the sharpest. It’s also easy to use thanks to an intuitive and clean look. What’s more, it offers many useful features that make using the platform the easiest way to secure a rental home.  
  • High-Quality Photographs – We save you the trouble of visiting a property by featuring clear, realistic, and high-quality images for every listing.
  • Detail Oriented – Our listings mention many details about a rental property so that you don’t have to waste your time asking questions. We take note of the number of rooms, the quality of the lighting, the age of the building, the spacing, and more. This way, we save you from unwanted surprises.
  • Viewings – If you’re interested in seeing a home then you can easily arrange a viewing through our platform. We can arrange a tour at the most convenient time for you. Later, if you’re interested in making an offer, you can also do so through rhenti.
  • A Positive Marketplace – At rhenti, our philosophy is to bring good people together in the rental marketplace. Thanks to our screening system, we identify the best renters for each rental home that we list.
  • Free to Use – For renters, our platform is free to use. Meanwhile, the fees are reasonable and transparent for rental property owners. This encourages both parties to take advantage of our services, resulting in more listings for you to consider as a renter.  
  • Run by a Team of Professionals – Behind our platform are a team of dedicated, experienced, and skilled people who’ve worked hard to produce a tech-enabled solution to help both renters and rental property owners.

#2 Life is Simpler

One of the biggest advantages of renting is that you’re usually not in charge of major upkeep. You have peace of mind knowing that should an appliance or a part of the property break down through no fault of your own, it’s the rental property owner’s responsibility to fix the situation.

Similarly, your financial obligations are simpler. Every month, aside from your rent, you only pay the utility bills assigned to you on your lease. This process is even simpler through rhenti. We seamlessly manage rent collection with zero paperwork by withdrawing funds from your bank account and directly depositing them in the account of the property owner.

What’s more, we also offer digital lease signing. From the convenience of your home, you can use your smart device to sign the document.  

#3 It’s Easier to Live in a Modern Home

Architecture is evolving constantly. From limestone finishes on driveways to fixtures with contemporary finishes to smart appliances, many new properties feature the latest in style and technology. As a renter, you can learn more by visiting an equally modern rental marketplace like ours that will match you with the best properties. Search current listings here on our platform to see what the most modern condos have to offer.

Many condos on rhenti feature a wide list of amenities. These include swimming pools, gyms, party rooms, in-house theaters, air conditioning, heating, rooftop patios, and concierges.

As a homeowner, it’s difficult to keep your dwelling modern, especially when you’re paying a mortgage. Refurbishing your property can be expensive and time-consuming. What’s more, this can be a regular undertaking when your property begins to age. On the other hand, as a renter, you can simply move to the latest property whenever you please.  

#4 Renting May Be Cheaper Than Buying

Conventional wisdom dictates that it’s cheaper to buy than rent a property. But this philosophy may be outdated according to research from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University. With home prices and mortgage rates rising quickly, in terms of wealth creation, investing the savings from renting could outperform owning and building home equity.

These are a few reasons why it may be better for you to rent rather than own a home. However, you may consider buying if it’s more feasible for you. And many new homeowners list their properties on platforms like rhenti to offset the cost of homeownership.

We’ve already mentioned several benefits of using our platform. For rental property owners, the biggest one is that you’ll only match with renters who’ve been screened through credit and reference checks. This will not only save you time but minimize your risk in the rental property business.

But regardless of whether you are a renter or a rental property owner, rhenti is here to offer a smooth and fulfilling experience in today’s exciting rental market.

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