7 Reasons Why Toronto Is a Great Place to Rent

At rhenti, we love every city in Canada. But as a rental property platform, we must admit that Toronto is especially near and dear to our hearts. That’s because it has everything a city dweller could need.

Clearly, others agree. With a population of over five million, Toronto’s the biggest city in Canada and growing. If you’re considering making Toronto your home, then here are seven reasons why it’s an excellent place to rent:

#1 Toronto Has Great Condominiums

It seems like there’s a condo going up in Toronto every few months, each more sophisticated than the last. Featuring the newest architecture, these properties look modern and are energy efficient. Many are also built with eco-friendly materials, making them more sustainable. They boast contemporary living spaces, with the latest appliances and most fashionable fixtures.

They also have an impressive list of amenities. You can search listings on rhenti for a sample of the perks, including movie rooms, gyms, and swimming pools. As a renter, having these available in the same building without having to pay a membership fee is a plus!

Many properties also come equipped with smart home technology. Here, you can use smart devices to control your heating, air conditioning, lighting, security, entertainment, and more. Not only is this convenient, but it can mean sizable energy bill savings.

Find your next home today on rhenti if you’re looking for a great place to live in Toronto. On our platform, we match good renters with quality listings using a comprehensive screening system. What’s more, our detailed listings feature high-quality photographs so that you can find your dream home as quickly as possible.  

#2 Toronto’s Safer Than Most Big Cities

Most big cities have problems. It comes with the territory. However, Toronto is one of the safer ones. According to Statistics Canada, Toronto is on the lower end of the crime index. Impressively, it’s safer than many smaller Canadian cities. In fact, after Tokyo, Singapore, and Osaka, Toronto was ranked fourth in the world on EIU’s Safe Cities Index in 2017.

To feel even safer in Toronto, you can rent a condo with security facilities, including a front desk concierge, video intercom, and camera monitoring. Most concierges are professional, experienced, trained, and courteous. They monitor key points like entrances, passages, and elevators constantly. When browsing listings on our platform, you can check the list of amenities for security options.

#3 Toronto Offers Many Ways to Socialize

Toronto is a host to residents from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. You can socialize at a variety of parks, bookstores, pubs, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sporting events, cultural events and more. To locate a home a few steps away from these places simply use the map on our platform.

At rhenti, we realize that some renters prefer socializing in their condominium. That’s why our amenities mention communal spaces where residents can develop relationships with their neighbours. This includes rooftop patios, in-house theaters, and more. And for renters interested in hosting their friends, our listings mention condos that have party rooms.

#4 Toronto Has Good Public Transit

It’s important for a big city to have good public transit because many residents of metropolises usually don’t have cars. A good public transit eases the burden of car ownership by reducing costs like insurance, gas, and vehicular maintenance. What’s more, it reduces the stress of driving in a teeming city at rush hour.

Fortunately, Toronto has a good public transit system. Buses, streetcars, and subways run regularly, with stops at every corner. In fact, the TTC was named outstanding public transit system of the year in North America by the American Public Transportation Association. Likewise, the Transit Score® ranking placed Toronto amongst the best Canadian cities for public transit in 2019.

If public transit is important to you, then you can find a home on rhenti near the type of transit you’re looking for. For longer commutes, we recommend a property close to a subway station, while for shorter ones, we recommend one near a bus stop.

#5 Toronto Has Some of the Best Schools

Toronto is an excellent place to earn an education. Its elementary and secondary schools are among the most highly rated in Canada by the Fraser Institute. Meanwhile, its colleges and universities are ranked as some of the world’s best by leading publications.  

In Toronto, your public school is determined by your home address. Each school has a zone, which is also known as a catchment area. Only students who live in a school’s catchment area can attend that school. That’s why many renters with families use the map on rhenti to find homes with schools nearby.

#6 It’s Cheaper to Rent in Toronto Than You Think

People move to Toronto for a variety of reasons, including monetary opportunities. Like New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, and others, Toronto is a global financial hub, home to a variety of thriving businesses that employ countless employees

In fact, commercial think-tank Z/Yen considers Toronto to be one of the top 15 financial centers in the world. With the skyrocketing demand for homes, you’d expect rent in Toronto to be as expensive as its peers. But the opposite is true according to a report from RentCafé.

In the list of the top 30 financial centers in the world, Toronto is one of the cheapest places to rent. It’s only more expensive than three other financial centers: Montreal, Morroco, and Taipei. Speaking to CBC, RentCafé spokesperson Nadia Balint said: “Compared to other major financial powerhouses around the world, Toronto’s rental market seems quite reasonable.”

For example, the average rent in New York City for a one-bedroom apartment is nearly $5,000. By contrast, an average one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is at least 60% cheaper.

#7 It’s Centrally Located

Sometimes you need a change of scenery, even if you’re living in the best city in the world. Thankfully, Toronto is just a short and inexpensive flight away from cities like Quebec City, Miami, New York, and Washington.

These are some of the best reasons to rent in Toronto. If you’re a property owner interested in taking advantage of the housing market, then rent out your condo in Toronto on rhenti to match with the best renters. We’ll market your property in the top rental channels, manage viewings, and even take care of the financial transactions.

Whether you’re a rental property owner or a renter, this is a great city. And at rhenti, we do our part by making the rental market conducive for both parties.

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